Three Simple Steps are all it takes to get started storing Python packages in CloudRepo with PyPi.

Step 1 - Create a User and a Repository.

Start by logging into the CloudRepo Administrator Portal and creating a user and a repository.

Note: For security purposes (mostly because passwords tend to be stored in plaintext), we do not allow your admin user to access artifacts via the repositories. Please create a user in the CloudRepo Administrator Portal.

Step 2 -

You will need a file (sample).

If you need an intro to building and packaging Python packages, check out the setuptools documentation.

Step 3 - Configure ~/.pypirc

Before you upload, you have to add the following lines to your ~/.pypirc file, substituting the appropriate placeholders:

index-servers =

repository: https://[your-organization-name][your-repository-name]
username: [user-email-address]
password: [user-password]

Uploading Python Packages to CloudRepo

To upload to cloudrepo, you'll need to have twine installed (pip install twine). Then you'll run the following command:

/usr/local/bin/twine upload dist/* --repository cloudrepo

You should see the files appear in the CloudRepo Administrator Portal as well, but more importantly you'll be able to install them using pip.

Installing Python Packages from CloudRepo

Now, to install the packages from CloudRepo, run the following command, substituting the appropriate placeholders:

pip install --index-url 'https://[user-email-address]:[user-password]@[your-organization-name][your-repository-name]' [your-package-name]

After this, your package will be installed on your machine.

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